We offer a 30 day warranty all of our Skyten electric scooters. This warranty includes all main components. Which is the following: motor, battery, display, controller, throttle, and electrical components.  Breaks and tires are not included. But we can still walk you through the service!


We take no responsibility for dimples or any other imperfections that may have occurred during the manufacturing process; this seldomly happens and does not affect the functionality of our products.

Physical Damage:

We DO NOT cover any physical damage/Improper use, negligence, deliberate, water or sand damage, nor any lost accessories/parts.

Third Party or Personal Mod:

Any damage caused or related to an alteration or modification to the product carried out by you or a third party is also not covered under our warranty. Extreme or external causes beyond our reasonable control such as interruptions to electrical power are not covered under our warranty. If you or a third party disassemble and/or modify any electrical components the warranty is voided.


The batteries come with a 30 days replacement warranty. To avoid damage, all batteries must be charged and maintained as specified by the manual's information. The battery warranty does not cover overcharging of the battery or the wall charger.

All warranty claims must be submitted to our company before the warranty date


After Warranty is up we can still help you with parts for as long as you need at cost and can offer an affordable repair.  Or we can walk you through the service or send a video.

*Any other Electric scooter or bike may have their own warranty through the manufacturer

Please email for any warranty issues thanks!